Starship Meeting Invitation/ Invitación a la reunión de Starship

Hi Orion Families! Please mark your calendar for the next Starship PTO meeting… shifting it to Wednesday, 12/19 at 6:30pm. Please note that all Orion families are automatically members of our PTO, so everyone is encouraged to attend every meeting. The venue will be Main & Elm. We will be providing appetizers and having a bit of a social gathering once we take care of business. (Please note: this event is for adults only.) Hope to see you there! Please RSVP here

What: Starship PTO Meeting
Where: Main & Elm, 150 Elm St., Redwood City
When: Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 PM
RSVP: adults only

Hola Familias de Orion! Por favor marquen sus calendarios para asistir a nuestra próxima reunión de Starship…Se cambió para el Miércoles 19 de Diciembre a las 6:30pm. Recuerden que todas las familias de Orion son miembros de nuestra Junta de Padres (PTO), entonces todos estan invitados a asistir a cada junta. También les cuenta para sus horas de voluntariado. Esta vez va a ser en el reaturant Main & Elm. Nosotros vamos a proveer unos bocadillos y socializar un poco después de terminar con los asuntos a tratar. (Por favor tome nota, este evento es solo para adultos). Esperamos verlos a todos ahí! Por favor RSVP aqui.

Qué: Reunión de Starship Junta de Padres
Lugar: Main & Elm, 150 Elm St., Redwood City
Fecha y hora: Miércoles 19 de Diciembre a las 6:30pm
RSVP:ólo para adultos

Music Volunteers Needed!

Due to budget cuts, the Music for Minors program will be ending as of November. One of our Orion parents has stepped up and developed a music program specifically for Orion grades k-2, but she cannot do it alone.

Can you carry a tune?  Do you know the difference between a quarter and an eighth note?  Are you willing to sing songs in a language you might not know? Can you modify what you are doing on the fly to adapt to time available?  If so, you would make a great music volunteer.

We are looking for adults to give weekly music enrichment from a pre-planned but adaptable lesson in grades K, 1, or 2 beginning in early November.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Diane Wakeham at

Volunteer Opportunity: Library Book Bag Project

For the past ten years, we have made wonderful re-purposed cloth book bags for the kids to use for their library bags.  Before this program began, they were given plastic bags from the district, which quickly fell apart.  It’s a really amazing experience for a Kinder child to sit down next to an adult with a piece of fabric and then see it transformed before their eyes into a bag that they helped to create.  They use their bag through all of their years at Orion.

Please Sign up Here to pledge your time and talents to our library book bag program.


Dates and times listed are due dates, or in-class working dates, as indicated.

If you are cutting fabric to size, please cut 2 pieces of fabric measuring  18″ l x 16″ w (or 1 piece measuring 36″l x 16″ w)

PM Traffic Duty Needed/ NECESITAMOS servicio de tráfico PM!

Unfortunately, most of our PM traffic duty people have disappeared! This leads to much longer lines at pick-up. Principal Julie is now out there every day managing traffic. We desperately need at least TWO VOLUNTEERS out there each day. PLEASE think about coming and putting in just 15 minutes to help out. Go to the front office to volunteer.

For every 15 minutes you work, you get 1 hour of credit!

Remember, final hours are now due; this is a great way to pick up some last-minute hours and help keep our kids safe and make sure the traffic runs smoothly.

*   *   *   *

NECESITAMOS servicio de tráfico PM
¡La mayoría de nuestras personas encargadas del tráfico de PM han desaparecido! Necesitamos desesperadamente al menos 2 personas cada día. POR FAVOR, piense en venir y poner en 15 minutos para ayudar. Por cada 15 minutos que trabajas, obtienes 1 hora de crédito.  POR FAVOR AYUDA!!!!!!