Peiju Chan

Peiju Chan

Peiju is a Taiwanese illustrator with experience in graphic design, children’s book and freelance illustration based in San Francisco. She is always fascinated by kids and animals which many of her inspirations often come from. Her art style is whimsical and playful. Bringing fun and beauty to life is the reason that motivates Peiju draws. She does children’s books and art collections for art licensing; the idea is to make things pretty, playful and exciting.

Peiju works both traditional and digital media. She has published the books Let’s play piano and My first piano theory which were painted with watercolor, and the children’s book I am not a smelly dog was a collage work.

ClassYi Wu and Rueilian Kao
Presentation1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
BookI Am Not A Smelly Dog| 我不是臭狗狗


The story of a street dog. Through the story to point out the important things about life.


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