Melissa Miao & Charlotte Cheng

We are honored to welcome Melissa & Charlotte, who will be sharing their book, Bobo Loves Dumplings!

ClassMI Kinder
Presentation9:00 am
Meeting ID: 896 7425 3487
Passcode: 895924
BookBobo Loves Dumplings


Bobo Loves Dumplings is an adorable picture book about a red panda named Bobo. Bobo eats his favorite foods and want you to join him during his feast. As he slowly eats more food, he introduces numbers with the dishes that he eats. What is so unique about this book, is the implementation of subjects and languages. Bobo Loves Dumplings is a dual language picture book that features Mandarin and English! Mandarin is written in PinYin, a Chinese spelling. In addition, Bobo Loves Dumplings also integrates math! Bobo encourages readers to learn how to count while he eats his meal while getting exposure to Mandarin with provided pronunciation.

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