Katrina Liu

Katrina Liu

Katrina Liu is an American-born Chinese mom and author living in San Francisco, California. Her goal is to add more Asian representation into the world of children’s books. She’s written a variety of children’s books including bilingual children’s books in Chinese and English for non-native speakers. When her daughter, Mina, was born, Liu searched for well-illustrated, dual-language children’s books with Pinyin and English, but was surprised at how little she could find. Committed to giving Mina the opportunity to become bilingual, Liu created a series of children’s books in Chinese and English. The stories focus on simple everyday dialog with beautiful and engaging illustrations to introduce the Chinese language to young learners in a fun and easy way. Her goal is to continue to provide learning resources for non-native Chinese speakers who wish to foster dual-language skills with their children. Her books are available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese and include an audio reading in Mandarin.

ClassYi Chen
Presentation2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
BookMina’s Ups and Downs


Includes audio reading in Mandarin. Mina has a fun-filled day at the carnival with her family. Throughout the day she experiences lots of different activities that come with a roller coaster of feelings Follow along with Mina and learn the many ways to express emotions in Chinese

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