Elisa Kleven

Elisa Kleven is an American children’s writer and illustrator of 30 books. Her titles have been Booklist editor’s choices, and PBS and Rainbow Book selections.
Elisa has written several children’s books including the Paper Princess series, The Puddle Pail and The Lion and the Little Red Bird. Her first book was Ernst, a story about a creative crocodile named Ernst, whose tendency to wonder “what if” mirrors the author’s own.
In addition to writing her own books, Kleven has also illustrated books by other writers, such as Abuela by Arthur Dorros, De Colores by Jose Luis Orozco, Angels Watching Over Me by Julia Durango, and The Weaver by Thacher Hurd.

BookSun Bread


Winter’s gray chill has set in and everyone misses the sun-especially the baker.  So she decides to bring some warmth to the town by making sun bread.  And as the bread bakes, rising hot and delicious, everyone comes out to share in its goodness.  Everyone, including the sun itself.  With a lilting, rhyming text, colorful illustrations, and a recipe for baking your own sun bread, this tasty treat from the illustrator of the best-selling Abuela is just right for all ages to enjoy.

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