Edna Ma

Edna Ma is a physician anesthesiologist and mom, who was motivated to write a bilingual Chinese children’s book, inspired by her son’s friendship after he enrolled in a Mandarin immersion school. Although she is not a native speaker of Mandarin, she wanted to read to her children in Mandarin. She found a limited selection of books for this age group. So she created these stories to include English and Mandarin with pinyin, to facilitate different reading levels. Her stories celebrate friendship and cultural diversity. When she’s not in the operating room, she enjoys traveling with her family. You may have seen her on either SURVIVOR or Shark Tank.

ClassMI 2nd
Presentation10:15 am
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BookTravel, Learn, and See the Great Wall


Written in English and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese & Pin Yin), Travel, Learn and See your friends 走学看朋友 is a story about two first-graders attending a Mandarin Immersion school. Dean and Ethan become fast friends. Dean is Travel, Learn, and See the Great Wall 走學看長城 continues with three friends from Travel, Learn, and See your Friends-Dean, Ethan and Genevieve-as they travel to the Great Wall of China and learn about its history.

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