2021 Student Showcase!

Presenting the Orion Student Authors & Illustrators. These works of art are fictional stories, personal narratives, and/or illustrations that exemplify the theme of FRIENDSHIP and/or COMMUNITY.

Ruby Crofts

Sierra Fung – I Like to Help My Friends

Maple Dupree – Life Love/Dragon Hugs

Octavia Kane – Community is Really Growing Around Here!

Alexander Kang – BFF

Riley Kang – My Friend Eliana

Maya Leach

Summer Lucas – I Am A Unicorn

Fionnbar Rafferty – I Love My Family

Saoirse Rafferty – Lee and Mia

Olivia Ruhl – My Community

Nia Seeberger – The Park

Nya Wang – The Witch Academy

Georgie Wasilewski – The Duck Who Got Stuck

Max Weekly – The Mandalorian Brothers & the Crowned Jewels




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