LaserQuest Fundraiser

We are excited about our Laser Quest night! The facility will be open to Orion and MI families as well as friends and community members. Outside of food cost and credit card fees, all remaining proceeds go to Starship Orion PTO!

Here are some details about the event:

~ Each participant will pay in advance, and select a time slot. Each slot will contain two 15 minute laser tag sessions with a small break in between each session.

~ Each paying player will also receive a slice of pizza and a beverage. We will have additional slices available for purchase the day of the event.

~ Both adults and kids can play. There is no age limit. If you have smaller kids that would like to play, they can play alone if they are able to carry the pack. Alternatively, a parent can carry the pack for them, and they can work together.

~ All participants should wear appropriate shoes for running. Flip flops/crocks/slides can easily come off during the game can cause a hazard.Date: 12/04/2019 (Wed.)Location: LaserQuest San Carlos

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