Volunteer Opportunity: Library Book Bag Project

For the past ten years, we have made wonderful re-purposed cloth book bags for the kids to use for their library bags.  Before this program began, they were given plastic bags from the district, which quickly fell apart.  It’s a really amazing experience for a Kinder child to sit down next to an adult with a piece of fabric and then see it transformed before their eyes into a bag that they helped to create.  They use their bag through all of their years at Orion.

Please Sign up Here to pledge your time and talents to our library book bag program.


Dates and times listed are due dates, or in-class working dates, as indicated.

If you are cutting fabric to size, please cut 2 pieces of fabric measuring  18″ l x 16″ w (or 1 piece measuring 36″l x 16″ w)

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