PM Traffic Duty Needed/ NECESITAMOS servicio de tráfico PM!

Unfortunately, most of our PM traffic duty people have disappeared! This leads to much longer lines at pick-up. Principal Julie is now out there every day managing traffic. We desperately need at least TWO VOLUNTEERS out there each day. PLEASE think about coming and putting in just 15 minutes to help out. Go to the front office to volunteer.

For every 15 minutes you work, you get 1 hour of credit!

Remember, final hours are now due; this is a great way to pick up some last-minute hours and help keep our kids safe and make sure the traffic runs smoothly.

*   *   *   *

NECESITAMOS servicio de tráfico PM
¡La mayoría de nuestras personas encargadas del tráfico de PM han desaparecido! Necesitamos desesperadamente al menos 2 personas cada día. POR FAVOR, piense en venir y poner en 15 minutos para ayudar. Por cada 15 minutos que trabajas, obtienes 1 hora de crédito.  POR FAVOR AYUDA!!!!!!

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