Recording Parent Participation Hours

How to Record Parent Participation Hours:

Instrucciones en español

  1. Forms are due in November, February, and May.
  2. Only hand in one form per family. (With more than one child, hand in the form for your oldest child.)
  3. Parent participation commitment per family=72 hours per year for one child enrolled (SC); 108 hours per year for more than one child enrolled (MC).
  4. Hours must be completed by June 1. Hours earned after June 1 will be counted towards your commitment for the next school year.
  5. In lieu of hours, parents may offer to support school monetary purchases for up to a maximum of 49% of the required hours. A hour is equal to $10.00. In order to be credited, a dated receipt, showing the amount and type of expense MUST be attached to the parent hours log! (See the classroom teacher for items to purchase.)
  6. You are to keep a running log at home of the date, activity and hours of your work. These logs MUST be attached to your form and MUST show each date.
  7. Classroom and yard duty hours are recorded at school. The Parent Participation Recording Form will be sent home in your child/ren’s Friday folder the Friday before the form is due. The number of class and/or yard duty hours will be written in by the room coordinate.
  8. Be sure to TOTAL your hours on the log before submitting!

Download Recording Log

Example of log:

Activity Date(s) Hours
Worked in classroom Log in room 12
Yard duty Log in cafeteria 5
Called parents to drive for field trip 9/7,8,9 1.15

If you performed an activity more than one time, fill in all the dates on this form or attach a log that details each date.

Hours will not be counted unless recorded in a log. All logs need to be attached to the Parent Participation Recording Form that is sent in for November, February, and May.

Keep a record of everything you hand in!


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